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This package gives you the Urban Strength Bar, background information, technique and workout videos so you can get the most value from your training. Delivery within the UK is included in the price.

It's about movement, your body and gravity. Those three things are constant in life, activity and sport, so Urban Strength Training is for everyone. When you buy the Urban Strength Bar, you don't just get a versatile piece of exercise equipment. You get a massive online introduction to the bar including background information, basic concepts and a massive video library of loads of different exercises you can do with the bar. These videos include detailed coaching to make sure you learn the correct form for different movements and get the most from your training with the Urban Strength Bar. This is how you improve your strength at the same time as massively developing your flexibility and balance. These results will transfer to a tighter, more toned body shape thanks to how the bar gets so much inactive muscle working. Better core strength, more power and speed. Imagine your body on it's best day. No pain. More spring. Looking lean and strong. Now stop imagining it and do something to make it happen. Your body on it's best day, every day.

Tech Spec

Urban Strength Bar 3.0

  • Urban Strength Bar 3.0 offers users many advantages over metal and alloy alternatives. Benefits, such as resistance to corrosion, high tensile strength and non-conductive properties, which combine to deliver a highly cost effective, durable and sustainable Urban Strength Bar. Version 3.0 available now, delivers a versatile, lightweight, inexpensive and long-term practical workout tool

  • Lightweight. 75% lighter than steel equivalents, Urban Strength Bar 3.0 significantly reduces storage issues and eliminates the need for heavy lifting. All movements are made easier thanks to the bars low weight.

  • High impact resistance. Version 3.0 resists sudden and severe point loading and avoids permanent distortion

  • High strength. Urban Strength Bar 3.0 superior tensile strength is equal to or greater than equivalent steel profiles. Despite its lightweight properties, the Urban Strength Bar offers impressive strength-to-weight load-bearing performance. Outperforming and outlasting equivalent materials.

  • Low maintenance. Urban Strength Bar 3.0 is an incredibly resilient and durable material that delivers outstanding cost benefit offering a low maintenance solution with little need for renovation or refurbishment during its fifty-year lifespan.

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