Your age does not define your health and fitness

Exercise towards a better life

Created by James Griffiths, founder of the Wild Training Gym. Voted the UK's best independent gym.

You are getting older, but you don't need to accept ageing in a negative way. 

Society suggests as you get older you get less fit, but that doesn't have to be the case. 

Take ownership of your health with The Body Map.

Steve Backshall MBE, BAFTA-winning British explorer

“If you want to make first ascents of Himalayan Mountains, or first descents of whitewater Rivers – how much you can bench press is totally irrelevant; you need practical, focused training. I've been training with James and using the Wild Training systems since 2009. The Body Map helped me get past many injuries and has kept me healthy on expeditions, adventures and fatherhood ever since. The Body Map is everything you need. For me, it’s the perfect physical training regime.”